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We build Intuitive, Sleek and Responsive web applications that simplifies complex workflows.



Looking for unmatched web development applications built at affordable prices? You’ve landed at the right place!

We have been designing and delivering top-notch web applications to SMBs for over 13 years. FBrothers & Company, Inc. is considered by many as one of the most affordable and reliable companies in the industry for delivering quality web application development services. Our developers are trained and highly skilled to ensure that your project requirements are met and that our service delivery exceeds your expectations.  


Rich User Interface/ User Experience
  • Hi-fidelity clickable wireframes for conceptional designs.
  • Full color clickable mockups prior to development.
Optimized Performance
  • We use performance monitoring tools such as GTmetrix to ensure that your web application performs superbly under any load and on any device.
Custom web development
  • Whether it's replacing a legacy system, extending an existing application, or building a custom application from the ground-up, we can create any custom solution for your enterprise.



Javascript is interpreted as a smart scripting language with top-notch functions known for its compatibility with web pages and it is used in many areas other than website development. It possesses some dynamic capabilities such as source code recovery and object introspection and many more.


HTML 5 is another important tool that and helps us implement the correct UI and UX elements which would ensure customer engagement and satisfaction altogether. We compile the expertise of our developers with the latest available technological tools and implement them all together to make a product which is distinct, useful, possess an attractive interface and gets the job done.


We leverage the latest web frameworks to build reliable, fast, and secure applications. Below are a few frameworks that we love to use.

Angular JS

Angularjs is the best framework to build single-page applications. It is an open-source model view controller framework.

React JS

React JS is an open-source Javascript library which allows you to develop attractive applications with great performance and SEO characteristics.


This is a javascript library which makes the use of Javascript easier and allows the developer to wrap uploads of code into single lines. Also, it is free and it is open source.


D3js is a javascript library allows you to bind capricious data to a data object model and then apply data-driven transformations to the document.

Node JS

Node JS is a cross-platform and open-source runtime environment for developing server-side and networking applications. It is built on Google Chrome's javascript v8 engine.

Vue JS

This is a progressive framework which is designed from scratch and it adopts things gradually. It is mainly used for building user interfaces and helps to power single-page applications.

Backbone JS

This is a javascript library which is based on the model view presenter application design paradigm. It gives structure to web applications.

Phantom JS

This is a headless WebKit which has fast and native support for various web standards such as DOM handling, CSS selector, JSON, etc. It is also called a scriptable headless browser.

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Top Rated Team

We only hire the very best that embodies our core values: Heart, Accountable, Customer-centric, & Knowledgeable. We become an extension of your team with a vested interest in ensuring a successful project. Your success is OUR success.

No Obligation Estimate

It's Free to talk with us. Once we have discussed all of your requirements, we will give you a no-cost estimate. In addition, we respect and honor all NDA requests which mean you don’t have to worry about your idea being disclosed.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

We will provide you with an accurate estimate for your project. This means that you're never nickel and dimed with setup fees, on-boarding fees or any other nuisance charges. In addition, our pricing is affordable and our payment terms are flexible.


You get a team of knowledgable project managers and developers with the single goal of making sure that your project is successful.

All applications are built and deployed in our secured AWS environment at no additional cost

We take NDAs very seriously. All aspects of your work will remain confidential.

You will only pay for the requested work that is completed. We don't believe in hidden charges or frivolous fees.

You get complete transparency to the work completed each day. All invoices are accompanied with detailed timesheets which explains the work that was completed.

Our goal is to deliver each project on-time and within budget. In the event that there are delays, we make sure that you are abreast of all project schedule changes.

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