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Why Search Engine Optimization is important for every business?


Why Search Engine Optimization is important for every business?

In today’s world, there are millions of companies who have their websites which appear in the search results of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. As a matter of fact, people have gained so much trust on the first position of the search results that there’s a huge competition among businesses to make their respective websites appear in that position. Now, to do that the businesses should be knowledgeable about something called SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method to optimize your website by which you can ensure the first position in the search results. It is an amazing way to make your website user-friendly and faster than normal to ensure more traffic and more usage and in turn more popularity of the website.

Today, Google holds 75% of the search market and appearing or showing up at the initial stages of the search result page of Google has become a global business demand. Now, it is important to understand the reason behind such demand. Stated below are some reasons as to why SEO is an important factor for any business.

  1. Brand Recognition: This is probably the first reason for which search engine optimization is done on any website. The thing that needs to be understood is that as people search for anything on google that’s relevant to your business, you want your website to show up in the very first position of the search results. It is very obvious that this is a method to promote brand recognition because this actually helps people recognize the brand which solved their issue. When they search online, it is not that they just search and they get the solution and they’re done. They search and open a page and search for the solution. Then they go back to the search results page to look at another page to find the solution. This is how it keeps happening and every time they go back to the search page your company should show up in the list at the very first position or at least on the first page. This also makes them come back to your website for any other queries or issues which ultimately generates and increases traffic to your website which usually is the goal of every business.
  2. It increases credibility: When you search something on google you do not just get to the second, third or fourth page by skipping the first one. Instead, you often end up skipping looking at the rest of the pages because you have your solution on the first page. This is what happens the majority of the time with the majority of the users if not at all times. So, if your website shows up on the first page every time the user searches something relevant to the content or category of your website the user relies on it. In fact, there are cases where users will pick the second spot where your website showed up and they will skip the first one because they have gained more utility and your website has added credibility to their lives in the past.
  3. Maintaining the lead over the competition: The ones who are still unaware of SEO in today’s date will face a major drawback compared to those who possess expertise in the same field. If two or more companies are selling the same kind of products or providing the same kind of services then the ones who have done SEO implementation will be way ahead in terms of popularity and traffic and ultimately, profits.
  4. SEO means a better user experience: It’s not always about being the first one to show up. If your website isn’t user-friendly then it won’t provide any utility to the visitor and it will lead to the website getting abandoned even if it appears or shows up in the very first position of the search results. A user-friendly interface is one of the vital things that attracts a user or a visitor. When you have got a user-friendly interface and the website is fast in terms of responsiveness then the user will be able to conduct smooth operations with fluidity.
  5. SEO provides one of the best ROIs: From a business perspective, SEO rewards at one of the highest rates than any form of advertising. The way it works is, you won’t interfere in people’s lives in the form of random advertisements, posters and stuff like that. Instead, you will be there at the very first place just when people look for companies like you. So, you will be there even before they look for you but you won’t show up unless they search for you.
  6. Being on page 1 is the ultimate target: The main goal of a business in terms of SEO is to stay on the first page of the search results if not in the first position. If you want to win the organic search game which is just the method by which anyone searches something on Google, you would want to be on the first page. There are studies and researches done which prove that the majority of the solutions are there on the first page and the first page is the one on which people rely the most irrespective of the matter or topic of their search.