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Top 6 Software Development Methodologies

Looking to add more structure to your software development workflow? Selecting the right software development methodology for your product organization depends largely on your team size, goals, and other factors. Here is an overview of the most widely utilized and recognized software development methodologies to help you decide which is right for your team.


When it comes to software development, Waterfall is the most traditional and sequential choice. Although it’s usually viewed as an ”old school” or outdated method, it’s helpful to understand the history and structure of Waterfall to better appreciate the flexibility of more modern methodologies. First created in 1970, Waterfall was one of the most prominent methodologies for several decades because of its plan-driven approach.

Waterfall requires plenty of structure and documentation up front. It is divided into self-contained stages or steps. The first stage is vital, requiring a full understanding by both developers and customers of the project’s demands and scope before anything begins. The stages are relatively rigid and often follow this sequence: determine the project’s requirements and scope, analyze those requirements, design, implement, test, deploy and finally, maintain.

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