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The Pros & Cons Of Using Bootstrap In Web Development


#1 – Saves Time

Writing code can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you don’t document your own work and have to go reading through your code to figure out where to pick up. Not only does Bootstrap have great documentation on every component, but by using it you won’t even have to write code anymore. All you need to get started is some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, or Javascript and you can start developing. It’s also extremely simple to use, which means you won’t have to waste a couple of days just figuring things out.

#2 – Bootstrap Encourages Consistency

Twitter employees started developing Bootstrap thinking about a framework that’s going to be consistent above all else. By solving the consistency issues between the development front and the end-users Bootstrap became the number one framework among web developers. The main problem is solved are various inconsistencies that exist between developers and designers on a project because Bootstrap’s final results always look the same on every platform and every browser. By recognizing the need to pair the designers and developers, Bootstrap became an open-source framework in 2011.

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