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ReactJS vs Angular Comparison: Which is Better?

Choosing the right framework for a new JavaScript system, application or website is a top priority for any business. It can have a direct bearing on project’s durability and ability to fit in deadlines, further code maintainability, and scalability of your future app.

JavaScript power contest: bare figures

The amount of JavaScript tools is steadily increasing, turning the selection of appropriate technology into a challenge. While among the top discussions is angularjs vs reactjs. Both are highly-performing, advanced and widely used worldwide. According to recent js framework comparison React is regularly used by 53%, while 32% plan to learn it. Angular is applied by 30% and 10% are going to try it. The latest update, Angular 2, is already employed by 13% and 43% want to become familiar it. In the meanwhile, HotFrameworks ranking names AngularJS the 2nd most popular framework globally, taking a back seat to ASP.NET.

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