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Technology & Business Want To Trigger Conversions? 5 Persuasive UX Features You Should Consider

Today, almost 40% of the world’s population find comfort in buying things online. This makes retail merchants opt for maintaining a vibrant online store besides their customary physical storefronts. But, competition, rather fierce competition is prevalent in the eCommerce segment too. While it’s a backbreaking job for them to drive the attention of shoppers to … Continue reading “Want To Trigger Conversions? 5 Persuasive UX Features You Should Consider”

Interactive & Visual Design Website Templates and How To Use Them

Creating a website may seem like a daunting task if you’ve never done it before. You may want to start a blog to express your political views, or perhaps you’re looking to grow a business by expanding with an online presence. But where would you begin building a website? How do you make your website accessible on the … Continue reading “Website Templates and How To Use Them”

Technology & Business JavaScript and Web Development InfoQ Trends Report 2020

Key Takeaways WebAssembly has perhaps been the most talked-about trend on the web since our last report. Applications for WebAssembly have moved beyond the browser via WASI, and WebAssembly reached a stable 1.0 W3C Recommendation in late 2019. We have thus promoted WebAssembly to Early Adopters status. The annual ECMAScript release, ES2020, is approaching with … Continue reading “JavaScript and Web Development InfoQ Trends Report 2020”

Technology & Business Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the buzz word of the town. The reason behind this is its ease of scale, flexibility, and high performance. There are many benefits offered by cloud servers as compared to traditional hosting. Flexible Pricing: With traditional hosting, you have to pay a fixed amount no matter you are using the resources or … Continue reading “Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Hosting”

Technology & Business Web Application Testing Complete Guide (How To Test A Website)

What Is Web Testing? Web testing is a software testing practice to test websites or web applications for potential bugs. It’s a complete testing of web-based applications before making live. A web-based system needs to be checked completely from end-to-end before it goes live for end users. By performing website testing, an organization can make … Continue reading “Web Application Testing Complete Guide (How To Test A Website)”

Technology & Business How Custom Web Development Can Be Beneficial For Your Business?

In this era of digitization, it has become mandatory for every business to establish its web presence in the form of an influential website. But not all businesses are equal. In order to cater to the unique needs of your business, the best alternative is to develop a customized website. Tailor-made sites are specifically designed … Continue reading “How Custom Web Development Can Be Beneficial For Your Business?”

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