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15 Best Google Web Fonts


15 Best Google Web Fonts

The importance of fonts is no secret to anyone. They play a vital role in describing certain subjects and getting in the mind of the viewers in terms of design and explanation. Now, the difficult part is choosing the right font amongst the thousands of fonts that Google has to offer in the form of google fonts. If you are looking for the best fonts amongst all of those then you’re at the right place. Although, picking and judging just a handful of them wouldn’t be an easy task but let us do the hard work while you sit in front of the screen ready to note the information down. Also, note that this list is in no particular order and it is just made for the information it is carrying.

  1. LATO:  This is a font designed by Łukasz Dziedzic and it works flawlessly in both description texts and headings or titles. It belongs from a san serif typeface family and it comes in 10 different styles. 
  2. ROBOTO: This particular font was designed by Christian Robertson. It comes from a san-serif typeface family and google has developed this font to be the system font for Android. There’s no shortage of variety when it comes to Roboto. It comes in 12 different styles. Now since this font has so many styles, specifically Roboto is the one that’s the most popular beating its other fonts like Roboto condensed and Roboto Slab.
  3. MONTSERRAT: This font has a separate fan base. It is among the more popular fonts by google and it was created by Julieta Ulanovsky. It comes in 18 different styles and it is a modern classic sans serif typeface.
  4. OSWALD: Originally developed by Vernon Adams this font has proven to be a lifesaver in many cases, especially in titles and headings. It’s a sans-serif font coming in 6 different styles.
  5. POPPINS: This particular font is another one which is an ideal font for both content texts and headings or titles. This can do both. Originally, it was created by the Indian Type Foundry. It supports the Devanagari system and is a geometric sans serif font which comes in 18 different styles.
  6. OPEN SANS: Open sans is like the Jack of all trades. It is an open free Sans-serif font which can be combined with any other font to look good. It was created by Steve Matteson and it is ideal for print, web and mobile usage. It comes in 10 different styles. 
  7. RALEWAY: Originally, created by Matt McNerney, Raleway is another large family san serif font. It comes with 18 styles and it works the best as big headlines. 
  8. NUNITO: Created by Vernon Adams this is another sans-serif font designed as a display font. This works best with headings and titles and its versatility escalates the overall appearance of the text. It comes in 8 different weights and 14 different styles. 
  9. MERRIWEATHER: This one was founded by Eben Sorkin and the main deed that is done by this font is to enhance the readability on screens. This currently has 8 styles and it is suitable for long texts as well as headers or titles. 
  10. SOURCE SANS PRO: Created by Paul Hunt, Source Sans Pro is a sans-serif font that was created for Adobe. It became Adobe’s first open-source font and it is available in 12 styles.
  11. RUBIK: This sans-serif font was created by Philipp Hubert and Sebastian Fischer at Hubert Fischer. It is available in 5 different weights and 10 different styles. It fits perfectly in place of display texts or descriptions. This font also has a Hebrew variant which was revised and created by Meir Sadan.
  12. WORK SANS: This font is based on grotesques and was created by Wei Huang. This can be used in a variety of ways according to the different weights it possesses.  For example, the heavier and lighter weights are optimized for display purposes while the regular and medium weights are aimed at text uses.
  13. MULI: This particular sans-serif font was designed by the late Vernon Adams. It was originally meant to be a display font but then it got the title of a text font too because of its versatility and its appropriate spacing. The most fascinating thing about this particular font is that it holds a single-story lowercase “a” which is an absurd rarity. It comes in 7 different weights and 14 different styles.
  14. UBUNTU: This belongs from an open type based font family designed to be a modern humanist style font. It was designed by Vincent Connare and it has got 8 styles along with 4 different weight categories. This particular font is more at home when used as a text font compared to when used as a display font.
  15. SLABO: Discovered by John Hudson from Tyro Typeworks this font is a serif font which can be used in only 2 sizes which are 27 px and 13 px respectively. This is a unique characteristic that distinguishes this particular font with the others. It has only 2 styles but it is super useful where you want to use it.

Google fonts offer a large variety of fonts which counts over 900 and they help to make your website look beautiful, professional and complete. Moreover, they can also be responsible for making the websites run smoothly. Choosing 15 out of more than 900 fonts is definitely not an easy task but all these 15 fonts have been definitely used previously by anyone who’s reading this at some point of time. They’re popular because they have provided a lot of value to their users and hence they are the most widely used ones among the lot.