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Web development How to Build a Website with React

What is React? React is a fantastic and wildly popular tool for building websites and apps. It creates a world where JavaScript and HTML live in happy harmony in the same files, and it efficiently renders your ever-changing data to the...

Technology & Business 11 Great WordPress Alternatives to Easily Create Your Own Website

There are millions of WordPress fans out there. And little wonder: it boasts a great variety of themes and plugins, is flexible, and very easy to use. That’s why they power a whopping 38% of all websites (as of Sep 2020). However, the free...

Technology & Business How to build a cloud-based SaaS application

More and more SaaS application businesses are taking off the ground today. And it’s great. The SaaS business is a super-fast growing industry attracting more and more people and companies. These organizations are more and more...

Technology & Business Top 15 Tools for Measuring Website or Application Speed

1. UPTRENDS The great thing about Uptrends is that offers over 35 different places for you to choose from when doing your speed test. The final report gives you both an assessment by domain group and a waterfall breakdown (waterfall charts let...

Technology & Business Website down? Server down? 5 network troubleshooting tools to the rescue

We’ve all been there: A website refuses to load, returning a generic “website is not available” or “URL was not found on this server” error instead. Or a website hangs, never loading all the way. Or maybe you’ve been frustrated when...

Technology & Business What is A/B Testing?

In the online world, the number of visitors on your website equals the number of opportunities you have to expand your business by acquiring new customers and build relationships by catering to existing ones. And it is your conversion funnel...

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