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Angular js Frameworks – Advantages And Disadvantages

AngularJS is one of the most popular open-source front end web frameworks based on JavaScript and maintained by Google along with a community consisting of individuals and corporations for addressing the challenges that are faced while developing a single page application. It is a structural framework for dynamic web apps and it lets the user use HTML as his template language and helps to extend the syntax of HTML to express the components of your application. 

Now, like everything else this particular framework has its own advantages and disadvantages or pros and cons as discussed below:


  • It is a two-way Data binding framework: AngularJS accelerates and simplifies data binding and it does not require a developer to be present. Since this makes the process of data binding a lot faster and easier and it is referred to as a two-way data binding framework. It ensures that changes made to view are instantly displayed in the model and vice-versa.
  • Built and maintained by google: AngularJS has been developed by Google and the million-dollar company is the one who is responsible for the maintenance. This introduces users with a huge community from where they can get introduced to the engineers at Google who can actually help you with any of the challenges you face while using AngularJS.
  • Improves the Server performance: AngularJS can be responsible to minimize the load on server CPUs. The reason behind this is that it supports caching and many other processes. The server speeds up because it gets a reduction in its workload as it responds only to API calls and serves only static files.
  • DOM: It enables engineers to create dynamic and top-notch content in HTMLby reliving the developer of actively manipulating DOM, thanks to its two-way data binding approach.
  • Dependency: How different pieces of code interact with each other and how the changes in a component interact with others, is defined by dependency. Since every dependency requires changing components as well they are commonly defined in components themselves. Injectors can be used with AngularJS which define dependencies as external elements separating components from their dependencies and this makes the components reusable along with making it easier to manage and test.
  • Highly testable products: Angular is capable of building highly testable websites and applications. As we know, it is absolutely necessary to test any kind of product that you build before launching it in the market. Angular helps in unit testing and end-to-end testing which helps to make testing and debugging an easy, fast-paced and efficient task.


  • Compulsory support of JavaScript: Since the support of JavaScript is mandatory, such users who try to access your server with their computers and laptops by keeping their JavaScript disabled will not be able to do that. In the case of the plain HTML based web, the case will be different.
  • Performance issues: Dynamic applications are not your friend when it comes to AngularJS. There may be a lot of lags in complex SPAs and their size may be too big to maintain good performance. 
  • Longer time consumption: If a user is, unfortunately, using an old computer or device or mobile phone, then the longer page loads from the browser may get into his nerves because the browsers would be overloaded to perform additional tasks like DOM manipulation. 
  • Hectic learning graph: AngularJS is not one of the easiest things to learn. You may have difficulties in the initial stages of getting introduced to the framework. Not much documentation is available about it which may make it even more difficult in terms of learning. Although, as we mentioned the growing community of this, beginners can have a hand in the learning process with the help of the community.

These were some of the pros and cons that one of the most popular existing frameworks, AngularJS possesses. Since everything has its own pros and cons, AngularJS would not be an exception even if it has been developed by the best developers from around the globe.

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