Month: February 2020

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Technology & Business Are DevOps and Cloud Essential Assets in Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation, in the context of a business, happens when it fully leverages a mix of digital technologies to transform its activities, processes, competencies, and models, keeping both present and future shifts in mind. The question we want to answer here is whether DevOps and Cloud are essential to such a transformation, and if so … Continue reading “Are DevOps and Cloud Essential Assets in Digital Transformation?”

Technology & Business Look Why These Top Web Development Trends & Technologies Will Rule 2020

Successful businesses and smart developers always look ahead for creative ways to adapt in this ever changing digital world. As latest trends emerge, new opportunities will arise. Staying on top of the latest web app development technologies could eventually help developers and businesses alike. Every new year promises to bring modern innovations, new ideas, and … Continue reading “Look Why These Top Web Development Trends & Technologies Will Rule 2020”

Web development Benefits of PHP in Web Development

PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) is powerful open source server side scripting language, so it is widely used in the website development. Feature of the PHP language can support widely. It also support MySQL, Oracle, and MS Access. It uses protocols like IMAP, POP3, LDAP, SNMP, HTTP, NNTP, COM. PHP is also compatible with many OS such … Continue reading “Benefits of PHP in Web Development”

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